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Why Apps Central?

Apps Central is one of the leading providers of Parental Engagement Apps in the UK. We are delighted to announce that over 500 customers now use an Apps Central Parental Engagement App to transform school communication.

Schools are joining us all the time and so should you!

The Head teachers choice

All of our customers have chosen at school level to adopt our service. With the majority of our new customers coming from referrals from other Head Teachers.

Commitment to service

Our customer satisfaction with our service five weeks after launch is your app is 92.3 % very happy and 7.7% happy.

launch planning

We understand that schools are educational experts, not technology experts. So we help guide you through a launch plan to ensure a high adoption rate by your parent community.

Customer success

Given that using Apps in Schools is very new, we have created a dedicated team to share best practice and ensure that you get the most out of our service.


Not only do we offer unlimited training but our standard of training is very high. Feedback from our training is that 100% of participants score it very good and excellent.


We do not think we should be standing still. We released three new products this year and focussed on delivering and improving our service continually.