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An Apps Central Calendar News and App makes it easy for your school to increase parental engagement and keep parents informed with your school’s news.



But why should parents download your school’s app?

An Apps Central calendar and news app allows parents to conveniently keep in touch with the school and be the first to know about events and news within the school.

Keep Up To Date

Parents are kept up to date with crucial information such as school closures or schedule changes.

Free to Download

An Apps Central Calendar and Schools app is free for parents to download and use. Our apps are available for iOS devices and Android devices.


Parents can set filters to receive only relevant information to conveniently keep in touch with the school, and keep up to date with events and news relevant to them.


Ability to import events and set reminders on parents calendars.

To receive a preview of your school’s branded app, visit appscentral.co/contact-us/ or call Apps Central on 01738 646 760.