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An Apps Central calendar and news app is perfect for increasing parental engagement. The app allows you to keep parents and carers in touch with your school’s latest news and announcements. Parents can be informed about school closures and schedule changes quickly and effectively.

Push notifications go straight to parent’s phones, meaning they will be updated straight away, and won’t have to wait for a letter or phone call.



A calendar and news app lets parents choose the messages they receive, meaning parents will receive notifications that are relevant to their child’s class or year.

Push notifications are an effective tool to keep parents engaged and checking your school’s app.
● Users who enable push messaging are 3x more likely to use an app than those who do not enable push messaging.
● Users who enable push notifications are less likely to stop using your app.

School apps that utilise push messaging see a 50% higher engagement rate from parents that apps than school apps that don’t utilise push messaging.

To find out more about Apps Central and to request a no obligation preview of your school’s app visit https://appscentral.co/contact-us/ or call 01738 646 760