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Ofsted are looking for schools to increasingly improve parental engagement. A school calendar and news app is the perfect solution – allowing your school to easily communicate with parents and carers.

But how does an app help parents?

Communicate only relevant information: The Apps Central School Calendar & News App calendar features makes it easy for parents to filter only relevant information related to their child.

Communicates with parents on their terms: In 2016 parents and carers don’t want to logon to a computer to access the information they need. A calendar and news app makes it easy to communicate to them using their preferred methods. Push notifications also allow parents to receive alerts and updates directly to their smartphone.

Add to their calendar: School apps allow parents to add school events (such as parents’ evenings) to their personal calendars, which has proven incredibly effective way for schools to increase attendance. Parents are also able to instantly retrieve event information such as maps and contact details.

Free: An Apps Central Calendar & News app is free for parents to download, meaning it’s a no brainer for them!

Visit our benefits page to find out how a school app will benefit parents further.

Contact us now to receive a demo app for your school, email sales@appscentral.co.uk or by phoning 01738 646 760.