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Looking to engage with parents on another level this year? An Apps Central School App might be the perfect solution to your school.


We speak with headteachers, deputy head teachers and governors on a daily basis and find that many of them are looking for new and innovative ways to engage parents (a key Ofsted requirement). The answer is simple launch a school app.

We’ve detailed in our eBooks ways that a school calendar and news app can transform your school’s parental engagement.

But why an app?

One of the biggest advantages of a mobile app, is that it gives you a presence on a user’s home screen. An Apps Central Calendar and News app is designed with your school’s branding, as such parents can access the app, with all of your school’s information at the tap of a button.

As mobile apps are installed on tablets and mobiles they can take advantage of many of the inbuilt features of the device. Using phone’s GPS, Calendar and share functionality. It’s easy to share an event in the app on social media or via email.

Mobile Apps run in the background of a user’s phone, meaning you can send messages and notifications with ease. This is particularly useful when there has been a last minute change of time or location for an event.

To find out more about Apps Central and how a Calendar and News App can help you school visit https://appscentral.co/contact-us/ or call us on 01738 646 760 .