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Increasing parental engagement is a key OFSTED target for schools. Parental engagement has a large and positive impact on children’s learning.

Parental engagement is incredibly important to children’s learning but in many cases there are barriers and parents become disengaged with the school. Below are some of the key barriers for parents and some potential ways to overcome these.

Memories from their own time from School:

Some parents can be reluctant to engage with their child’s school because they may have difficult memories of their own school. Open, honest and constant education between the school and parents is an easy way to overcome this. An Apps Central calendar and news app lets your school keep parents up to date with news and announcements in a much more convenient way.

Can’t Get into School:
In this fast paced, high-pressure world, parents are increasingly working longer hours. As such it may be difficult for parents to keep engaged and keep track with all of the school’s activities. A calendar and news app lets parents and carers set calendar reminders, they can also be updated on school news through the inbuilt messaging features.

Communication from the School:

Communication between parents and the school is key. Newsletters can be lost, emails missed. A Calendar and News App is an easy and cost effective way to keep parents updated on the school and activities.


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