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How many times have you had a brilliant idea which can benefit everyone at your school, only to have finance scupper your plans with that all important question: What’s the cost?


A Calendar and News App is low cost but highly effective tool to increase parental and community engagement and reduce costs in your school.

  1. It will save your school money.  Firstly, because the app is very easy for staff to use, it will cut down on the amount of time spent putting together calendars, letters etc, plus there’s no time spent photocopying these documents.
  2. Speaking of paper, an app can also save you money as it cuts down on paper.  The cost of communication, such as paper, printing, design, text messages and stamps.
  3. Which costs a lot less than you think.  Apps are surprisingly affordable.  Our apps are upto £100 per month, and that’s it.
  4. No initial setup cost.  We’ll set up your app, and when you are “appy” (sorry) we can go live.
  5. We offer flexible payment plans which are tailored to your individual needs.  You can pay per term or annually, whichever way fits into your budgeting structure.
  6. Plus, there’s no contract.  If your circumstances change, you can close your app at any point, with no additional fees.
  7. And of course, the app is completely free for parents and community to use, minimising any barriers for access.

If you’ve got any other questions on how our apps can save you money or want a free branded school app then call 01738 646 760  or on our contact us page