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In previous blogs we’ve detailed how a school app helps parents but why is a school app vital for your school? We break down some of the key points.

  • Keep Parents Up To Date: Nothing damages your relationship with parents more than failing to communicate event changes to them successfully and promptly. As a parent, there is simply nothing more frustrating than trying to play an active role in your child’s education and then being thwarted by last minute changes to the location or time. The app’s text messaging and instant push notifications make it perfect for communicating those last minute changes swiftly and easily to parents. They are alerted immediately of any changes, ensuring they can update their plans in good time.
  • Share information instantly with Ofsted: One of the things Ofsted are currently focussing on is evidence that your school is communicating effectively and nurturing close relationships with your parent community. However, gathering evidence of this can be tricky and time-consuming for your staff. That’s why we’ve made sure the app provides you with the tools you need to evidence engagement levels and report on the number of times your app has been downloaded and used by your school community.
  • Engage those “Hard to Reach” Parents: Many of the schools who have adopted a calendar & news app so far have used the app to start forging those crucial relationships with parents that have traditionally not played an active role in their child’s education.
  • Provides Data to Help Improve School Communication: The app provides you with reports not only on the number of app downloads, but also an analysis of how your app is being used. This is such a powerful tool for you to constantly monitor and improve your communication methods. You’ll quickly be able to identify what works and what doesn’t so that you can continuously improve the ways you engage your audience.
  • It will Actually Save Your School Money: Many school leaders are sceptical about the potential cost of having a dedicated school app. In reality the app will actually result in significant savings for your school. When the app was launched at The High School of Dundee, they stopped printing the school calendar and this has saved them 3 times the cost of running the app!

Do you want to find out more about how a school calendar & news app is essential for your school. Visit https://appscentral.co/contact-us/ or call Chris Brads on 01738 646 760.