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An Apps Central Calendar and News App is a low cost communication platform that can help your school increase parental engagement.

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1) Reduce Costs: Save money on sending texts and printed materials

2) Keep Parents Up To Date: Keep parents up to date with crucial information such as school closures.

3) Pin Protect your App: Protect your school’s content and information

4) Share News: Share news stories and photos directly from your website using RSS Feeds

5) Manage Your App: Easily manage your app with the apps central CMS, managing links, news and events.

6) Increase Parental Engagement: Send Push Notifications to parents.

7) Information: Link to Your School’s website, newsletter and prospectus.

8) Free for Parents: The app is completely free for parents to download

9) Cross Platform: Your School app will be available for iOS & Android Devices

10) Get in Touch for a Free no obligation Preview of YOUR app:https://appscentral.co/contact-us/

To find out more about Apps Central and how a Calendar and News App can help you school visit https://appscentral.co/contact-us/ or call 01738 646 760 .