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Primary School App


Primary School App provide your primary school with its own branded smartphone app to keep parents, carers and your wider community informed, involved and engaged. Your branded primary school app will be available on Apple and Android Devices and is free for parents to download from the app stores. Primary School App is available with full training and telephone support provided. There are no other costs.


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Primary School App Benefits


Primary School App

Low Cost & Reduces Costs

Primary School is sophisticated, affordable and flexible, allowing you to have your own branded Apple and Android apps. The app reduces the cost of sending texts and printing newsletters.

Easy to Use

Primary School App is easy to use and manage. Our App Management Centre allows you to make changes to events and news really easily and quickly.

Training happens over the phone and takes a maximum of thirty minutes. We are always available by email or phone if you need any further help.


Primary School App ensures your content and information is secure. The Password Protect feature allows you to protect the information about what is going on at nursery

Keep in Touch

Primary School App makes it easy to share school news to parents and carers. School events and news can be shared through the News and Calendar features. You can also alert parents to school closures and time changes instantly by sending push notifications directly to the app.

Primary School App Features


Primary School App has lots of great features to allow your primary school to keep parents informed and engaged.

Calendar & Events

Primary School App makes it easy to add and view term dates, school activities and sporting events, plus set reminders and add to your personal calendar.


Primary School App lets you send important messages including school closures, late running coaches and more.


Easily send news stories and photos directly from your website using RSS Feeds and your school’s twitter account.


Your Primary School’s own app with branded logos and colours.


Share events and news stories from your primary school via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Pin Protect the App

Protect your school’s content and information with secure one time PIN access (optional)

Primary School App Clients


Primary Schools across the UK are using Primary School App

Bannockburn Primary School


Braco Primary School


Lauder Primary School


St Stephen's Primary School


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