Day Nursery App

A Day Nursery App from Apps Central provides your nursery with its own branded iOS & Android app to keep parents and carers informed and engaged with events, news and urgent messages from your Nursery. You can even pay for your app monthly using direct debit.

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Day Nursery App Benefits

Low Cost & Reduces Costs

The app is sophisticated, affordable and flexible, allowing you to have your own branded Apple and Android apps. Day Nursery App also reduces the cost of sending texts and printing newsletters. The app will save you money and time.

Easy to Use

Day Nursery App is easy to use and manage. Our App Management Centre allows you to make changes to events and news really easily and quickly.

Training happens over the phone and takes a maximum of thirty minutes. We are always available by email or phone if you need any further help.


Day Nursery App ensures your content and information is secure. The Password Protect feature allows you to protect the information about what is going on at nursery

Keep in Touch

Day Nursery App makes it easy to share school news to parents and carers. School events and news can be shared through the News and Calendar features. You can also alert parents to school closures and time changes instantly by sending push notifications directly to the app.

Day Nursery App Features

Day Nursery App has lots of great features to allow your nursery to keep parents informed and engaged.

Calendar & Events

Day Nursery App makes it easy to see what’s going on at the nursery with times, additional information (everyone will need wellies!) and maps


Day Nursery School App lets you send unlimited important messages including when to bring in wellies or if the menu has changed.


All your user news stories and photos can go in the app; pictures or videos of the school play for example or what’s been cooking today.


Your Nursery’s own app with branded logo and colours


Share events and news stories from your Nursery via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Pin Protect the App

Day Nursery  App allows you to protect your school’s content and information with secure one time PIN access (optional) that you only provide to your customers. No access for prying eyes!

Day Nursery App Clients

Nurseries across the UK are using Day Nursery App

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